New yoyo. New triangle

(Tyler) #1

Got my first new yoyo in many years. It feels amazing. So much better than my old beat up avant garde. Any criticism is welcome. Just started yoyoing again after a many year hiatus.

P.S. first time video sharing here, hope I’m not doing anything weird.

({John15}) #2

Nice man!


Excellent, in case you are curious that is the yoyofriends Magpie, the monometal version of the Hummingbird :wink:

(Tyler) #4

I did some googling after i got it in the mail and discovered that actually! I’m in love with it.


Dang I like that trick. Is there a tutorial?

(Tyler) #6

Currently no. It’s something I discovered/came up with last night. Thank you though :slight_smile:

(Mk1 Yoyos) #7

I guess they both have bird names, so that checks out

@Schlynn nice trick man!

(Colby Hans) #8

That was really nicely done. Here’s an old trick of mine I created a while back. I think its something you could easily learn. Give It try. You definitely have the skill set for it.