New YoYo Hang Out Cooming Soon

I am working on haveing a yoyo hang out soon in the san diago area.Most likely in Viejas. Any ???

viejas?!? How bout some where closer to san diego? :wink: I’m in clairemont where you at?

I live in Ramona I think I’m the only thrower in this town

well its a good idea! i dont know anyone out this way either but im sure theyre out there… keep us posted.

Its could be at the Viejas outlet center or in alpine. You guys couse. If the outlit center in Viejas you guys can biy yoyos too. :smiley:

There are 2 throwers in my town. One was my friend who had a speeder. He quit after he learned the matrix though. I’m the only thrower left =D

For More info call me (Aaron) at 1.(619).722.1609.