New Yoyo Coming out!

As you know Gn Yoyo Co Has been working on a Yoyo called the text although we have no pictures or no specs guaranteed yet, we are sure to be releasing this yoyo sometime in the near future. There will be approximately 26 made, all of them with a letter on the side (A through Z). They will all be 1/1s but similar. We will make sure to track specs for each individual throw, thus allowing you to complete a survey so we can pick the yoyo that fits you most.

The yoyo will be entirely made of wood and approximately 2 inches in diameter (this is a rough estimate). We will release more details as soon as possible after receiving them.

As for the yoyos themselves, some will be raw with only writing, some will be solid colors, and some will be special editions with multiple colors.

If all goes well, they will be released at Florida States 2015.

unresponsive or fixed?

From what it sounds like this is going to be a fixie.

Not even. It’s just going to be a solid piece of wood that is polished on the inside. We have tips for knotted bearings if they are needed.