New Yo-yo from Hirouki Sazuki called The Phenom!

OK YYJ is make a new yoyo called the phenom. This is his second yo-yo from Hiro. I hear that its only going to be sold at the WYYC. Does anybody know how much its going to be sold at the WYYC or when its going to be sold online when it comes out. ??? :o :slight_smile:

Its his 3rd yoyo

supposed to be 170+
maybe because of gold plating

it is actualy his fifth
speed maker
triple jam

:ohopefully they will make an afordable version

I hear it was going to market from 140-200 dollars.

i aggre without gold platting it would be like 40-60 dollars
it looks SOOOOOOOOOO good

Yoyojam should make a metal rimmed price phenom, even if it means changing the design a little. With what costs a phemon its better paying a little bit more and getting a Ti yoyo.

The Matrix pre-dates the Speeder by about a year.

Didn´t know that, thanks for clearing that up.

Source: Mickey FB page.

The metal rims look interesting. I wonder if the band around the metal ones are seperate metals or if its just grooved to look like it. I haven’t seen much on the Phenom so pardon me if the info has been dropped :stuck_out_tongue:

Hiro is the nickname of Hironori Mii, notable for being one of the National Masters, for being the 2000 world champion in the X division, and for having designed the Aquarius.

Mickey is the nickname of Hiroyuki Suzuki, notable for being a three-time (2004-2006) world champion in the 1A division as well as several-time champion at both JN and AP, and for having designed the Speeder and some subsequent yoyos including the Phenom.

Different people. Different nicknames. Just want to help eliminate confusion here, because I know there’ll be too many people who’ll read this thread and begin to associate ‘Hiro’ with ‘Hiroyuki Suzuki’, thus leading to much confusion down the line when talking to people who actually know the difference between the two.

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I need to see if I can get a PHENOMizm. (Yes, that is the name of the plastic version.)

I so want the plastic version of this!!!

Keep in mind the gold plating isn’t just for show. The use of a metal like gold, being much more dense than aluminum allows for a different weight distribution than would be allowed otherwise while remaining faithful to the design. In asking to make a “more affordable” version by cutting out the gold plating would be asking for something that is completely not the Phenom. I think the plastic “PHENOMizm” we saw here would be as close as you’d get.

On the plastic version of the Phenomizm is the metal gold or another metal that looks alike.

I think it’s brass.

man he made a lot of yoyos 5

this yoyo looks pretty cool.

actually, i like the shape very much. like there is an affordable YYR, finally… ;D