Speeder 2?!?!?!?

When is this thing coming out ? Hiroyuki put up  a picture of it on his Facebook… I’m guessing it will be around $50?


I’m hoping its around a normal priced YYJ, that looks hot.

I really hate when people post pix (or anything else) on facebook. You can’t see it unless you have an account in most cases.

As amazing as Suzuki is…why?

If the PHENOM and ""izm are amazing already, I don’t see why he would want another signature yoyo :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe they want to just improve their line of Bi-Metal yoyos.
The Hitman, Dark Magic, New Breed, and Atmosphere were improved. I heard that the X-Convict will be improved as well. And it’s ok if Suzuki already has 100 or a million signature series. Just treat it as if the company is making another yoyo for the company itself. ;D

I think it’s more because hiroyuki himself design the speeder.
So its like a momento to him.

are the rims anodized gold or r they 24k gold cuz i know hiroyuki likes that…

Looks like those outer rims are bronze, and its got some metal on the inside of the cup. Kinda like an inverted Phenomizm/Destiny thing.

87% of teens got more than 1 Facebook account. So yeah it’s not that big of a deal for most people. :stuck_out_tongue:

Problem with it is not all yoyos are teens.

For those who wanted a mirror link:

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Thanks mrcnja, wanted to see it but had no facebook account.

does hiroyuki REALLY need another??? phenom, 'ism,speeder, speedmaker, AND meteor. DOES HE NEED ANOTHER???

He don’t, the market is.

I guess I can see where this comes into play. Put his name on it, it’s going to sell.

But it should be that way.
I hardly see ane yoyo from YYJ that are not a signature series.

Lol the speeder is outdated now i wouldn’t buy one anymore cause there are allot of other yoyos better for the same price so What is yoyojam/ Hiroyuki gonna do i know make an updated version like the Darkmagic 2 i think thats what they are planning i bet you its gonna have silicone pads the new axle system and new caps

The whole “does he need another signature yoyo” thing is just stupid. The Speeder is a good yoyo, but it’s outdated. The yoyo needed some new touch. Silicone and the new axel system will do great. From what I can see the shape also had something done to it.

Speeder is outdated as in been around a while but it’s still a totally capable yoyo to win worlds with in the right hands. I think every YYJ will be given the new axle system and silicone or silicone pads. Saying it’s a bad yoyo because it’s an old design is what is ridiculous.

Exactly! Just like the DM and DM2. The DM2 is an updated version of the DM. I honestly have to say that I still prefer the v1 over the v2.