New Video

Sorry. But I just would like to know who wants to see a new vid ahah.






Yes please. Youre style is very smooth and if I owned a jojo company, I’d sponsor you :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, if you keep usin your DiamondBack and postin your videos with it on YYJ’s FB wall, you might make it on their team. Its about time Uncle Jemaya gets sponsored IMHO.

Wow man! That really means a lot. it would be a huge honor being sponsored again. Okay guys EXPECT A VIDEO SOON. walks over to find an editing program

Wait again? Who was your first sponsor?

It wasn’t really a sponsor, and I’'m not sure what to call it but it was YoYoSam. No one even quit, we were neglected and abandoned :frowning:

Oh yeah I remember that :confused: You did a good job repping them though.

YYE is better than YYS anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed it is :smiley:

Make another video. It’s always good to work on filming more tricks.

Soo sorry about this I am just really busy with school… mybe this weekend :slight_smile:

Definetly. You killed it in the last vid.