*NEW VIDEO* Team YoYoJam 2012 - Diamond Back - Biser Lukich


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That was really epic. First full sentence!


Nice video, but ew… yoyojam…


whats wrong with yoyojam? they make some of the best yoyos out there

If they gave you all that stuff thats awesome!!! You keep gettin better and better keep it going i love your videos


That was really good. I’ve seen a few of your videos around the forums here and they never fail to impress me. :smiley: Smooth throwing.


Lol, love the cameraman dancing in the reflection of the window at 0:42. Great video!


i dont know about you guys but i cant wait for the Biser Lukich signature yoyo…

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Thank you guys!!

(George Wollaston) #16

This actually made me want to cry…


You’re a boss.


Thank you very much guys! Always great to read the comments (except the stupid comment about yoyojam) Will be really thankful if you share it on your facebooks or like it on youtube so more people could see it ,i want it to hit 2000 views… Soon i will make a new video hopefully releasing end of November :slight_smile:


So good! Good to see one of the players I’ve been pulling for finally get picked up by a great company!

I like how your bangers flow right in with your tech, definitely got something awesome there!



Epic video. Like REALLY epic.