New Innovation Movement video.


Hey guys! I got featured in IM. I would love to hear what you think of it :slight_smile:


Saw this on Facebook, Biser. Let me share my comment here, too!

“Not too many people can have tech and flow so seamlessly integrated. Biser is amazing.”

Your videos are always must-watch. :smiley:


Well deserved man. Great tricks and editing of the video. :smiley:

(Alex Fairhurst) #4

Your style is nuts. That’s what I think.


Thanks a lot guys!
‘‘Not too many people can have tech and flow so seamlessly integrated.’’ This sentence made me feel good because thats what i am aiming in my style. I love tech players. I still have to get smoother tho. Thank you!


Dear Biser,

Thank you for destroying my mind with your awesomeness.


Your biggest fan,



I’m his biggest fan! I have a shrine for him on my bedroom door!

Lol forreal dude, you blow my mind, you are a future world champion dude, you will win Worlds soon, heck if you lived in the US you’d dominate at every competition! You are a huge inspiration to me, I love your style, your flow, your taste in yoyos (Go DIAMONDBACK!) and your freaking amazing video editing skills! Every video you make is a must watch, I have watched your 2013 Spring video at least 50 times. You are amazing, keep the videos coming and I hope to meet you at a yoyo competition one day.


lol. Thanks a lot guys!


Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off of the floor

(Owen) #10

blagh Biser stahp being so incredible IT HURTS MY EYES


You’re too good for my normal human eyes.


Beast’d it! Awesome video!


UP :slight_smile:


You’re good, that’s for sure. Wish I could do those tricks.