YoyoJam DiamondBack - Biser Lukich 2013. *working on tech and originallity*

Hey guys! This is my newest video! Only new material this time! Tell me what you think? Please share, like, subscribe :slight_smile:

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That last like upside-down ping pong thing was really cool haha

Man, that was really really good!

It was your best video!

Thank you!

Keep it up, I’m becoming a big fan of yours! Awesome tricks. I also like how the non-yo-yoing clips are interesting and are not pretentious or too long. Perfect.

If we get more snow in Maryland I’ll have to try some snow grinds :wink:


I ought to pay you for every time I see one of your vids. THEY ARE SO FREAKING AMAZING!!! I can’t wait to see what you have planned for EYYC! :slight_smile:

Thanks man! Really appreciated!

Very nice. I like your style:)

…that. was. Amazing!!!