New Trick!!!

Hey guys, I just came up with this cool new trick. I call it Crazy 8’s. I recommend it for the intermediate/advanced level. This is how you do it.

  1. First, do a double or nothing. If you haven’t seen the video, go watch it. But instead of landing the yoyo on the string, make it fall through the loop you make with the string.

  2. After that, loop the yoyo up and over the string, crossing over across the loop, thus making an 8 shape of the string.Make sure you only loop once or the string will get tangled.

  3. To dismount, whip the yoyo back over the loop. Then use any dismount you like.

    I have only done this trick with a dead yoyo because i just started a couple days ago, but I know some of you can. Hey, maybe we can even make this trick really popular!

Sounds good but it is sadly in the wrong section, if you use the move feature at the bottom of this page you can put it in the Yoyo Tricks section :smiley: Thanks :smiley: