New Trick Tutorial: "Thriller!"

Heya guys, this trick was requested several times in the past so I figure I should make a tutorial! It would be good to know how to do a “hug” and “kwyjibo” and pretty much all of the fundamentals of yoyoing to do this trick.

Learn it and film yourself once you’ve gotten it and you’ll impress me!

Please let me know if you need any extra help.

Nice that will take me a while to learn. :wink: :wink:

So, the direction change in the beginning is opening the loop, swinging up and bringing it back down? Couldn’t really see. I should get around to this.

Nice song, too. However, it would have made me smile if you made the tutorial eleven minutes long and use “Thriller” as background music, but oh well.

nice ;D ;D ;D

lol, agree with the music ;D

Also, I’m not so sure in the “Change Direction” thing either :-[

With the “Change direction” step, all you are doing is rolling into a double or nothing…but stopping halfway though and tugging the yoyo back down into a trapeze to reverse the momentum for the next step, which would be the hug.

When you throw a trapeze, (for righty’s) you have momentum going to the left, so the change direction step is there to change that momentum to the right for the hug.

Does that make sense?

Gotcha :slight_smile: Just wasn’t too sure on the actual motion.

I just learned it Today! ;D

sweet :stuck_out_tongue:

nice performance of a awesome trick