This latest release from TopYo is the signature model of Lin Junyi – The 2018 CYCC Luyu Regional Champion! This is the Dominator!

topyo-dominator topyo-dominator-1

The Dominator is a fully custom design created to fit the dynamic play style that Lin Junyi brings to every competition. They went through several prototypes and made adjustments to create the best built for the competitive stage. The Dominator inherits the mojo shape re-interpreted with a beautiful bi-metal design. The ultra-thin aluminum walls are fitted with stainless steel outer placed rings for maximum spin power and maneuverability. It has a comfortable shape in the hand, a fast feel on the string, and a powerful spin!


Man I love topyo but this is the rare case where those colorways are super not doing it for me, personally.

Which is strange because topyo colossus and silenus colorways are :ok_hand: peak performance


Dude… the gray and bronze is calling to me like few coloways to come before it. I’m having my self control tested


I’ve tried black and gold before and it suuuper did not work for me. I’m afraid grey / gold would suffer the same fate.


Another 80s callback I guess, but man I disliked that black/gold yo-yo such that I had to give it to a friend… frickin’ nice yoyo, too, aceyo goku!


Lol gray is a much more modern choice to pair with bronze/gold tones. It’s much softer and less stark. Add some navy and/or pink accents and you have achieved sartorial perfection. Yeah, I spend too much on clothes as well as toys…


It is better, for sure. But solids, eh. It helps that in the photo it looks a bit more like brass than super shiny gold.


Yeah I hear ya. If solids aren’t your thing, it is what it is. I’m on the other side of the fence. I’m trying to warm up to splashes again. I used to be cool with it but after a while they just kinda started to seem uninspiring. There are some guys out there doing nice splashes tho. Still, my Arkham triton is probably my fave
Edit- that red and black with rainbow rings colorway makes no sense… but I love it


Wait, since the Mojo is literally a plastic Silenus, this means… Dominator is a bimetal Silenus? :heart_eyes:


Yeah, I guess so haha. Its a nice yo-yo. I’m thinking about picking up one of the pink/black myself!


Dominator is definitely not a bimetal Silenus. Weight is quite different, and dimensions enough so that it is very much its own beast. Not a twin, but a relative of the Silenus.

The CLYW Akita, on the other hand, is totally a bimetal Silenus. It’s eerie how much this is true.