New Topyo Dominator & Impulse 2!

The Dominator is a fully custom design created to fit the dynamic play style that Lin Junyi brings to every competition. They went through several prototypes and made adjustments to create the best built for the competitive stage. The Dominator inherits the mojo shape re-interpreted with a beautiful bi-metal design. The ultra-thin aluminum walls are fitted with stainless steel outer placed rings for maximum spin power and maneuverability. It has a comfortable shape in the hand, a fast feel on the string, and a powerful spin!

The impulse 2 picks up right where the original left off with some minor weight changes and that same amazing competition geared design. Machined from 7003 aluminum, the Impulse 2 gives some added durability and a nice premium feel without the premium price tag. It features a step straight profile and a rim heavy weight distribution that provides excellent speed and stability in play. From the first throw you’ll feel the Impulse 2 speed effortlessly through your fastest combos with a maneuverability that can handle quick direction changes with ease.