TopYo ORIGIN New Release & Dominator Restock!




The new TopYo Origin is a fun retro inspired design that fuses modern performance with old school style!

topyo-origin-4 topyo-origin-7

This full sized organic throw has a comfortable feel in the hand and plenty of power on the string. The rounded profile has a subtle response bump to keep string friction at a minimum and the flat hub adds just enough center weight for easy maneuverability through tricks. Weighing in just under 67 grams the Origin might sound heavy, but TopYo distributed the weight just right to give it a really pleasant feel in play.

With a sleek design and simple engraving, the Origin has a fantastic look that will fit in with any collection!


({John15}) #2

Now, I will admit: that Dominator looks pretty dope. The size, the shape, the weight- I’m intrigued :thinking:

(ClockMonsterLA) #3

I love my Dominator. It’s one of my top four favorite bimetals right now. In fact, it is the bimetal I chose to bring with me on my Christmas vacation to WA.

(Tyler) #4

Gonna have to grab an Origin when my lady lifts the yoyo embargo

({John15}) #5

:rofl: I feel you man