New TopYo CHEAPSKATE Release & PATRONUS Restock!


The latest bi-metal release from TopYo is the signature model for Chinese 3A champion Song Zihao - The Cheapskate!

Despite being the signature model for a 3A champion, the Cheapskate is an impressive bimetal that easily excels in all string trick styles 1A, 3A and even 5A.

With a width over 45mm, this yo-yo keeps up with the wider trends of recent years, but it has a considerable sense of maneuverability in play while maintaining impressive stability and spin power. The Cheapskate is exceptionally well-balanced for a bimetal of it’s size, and it’s a versatile enough to pick up even if you don’t have a specific weight preference.

The main goal for the Patronus was to create the best playing bi-metal design at an affordable price. It features a strong 7003 aluminum body with stainless steel rings for the perfect weight distribution and a really beautiful look overall.