New Releases from TopYo - Patronus, Encores, & Bearing Tool!


This new TopYo signature design was built for TopYo team member Liang Lu from China. The Patronus!

The main goal for the Patronus was to create the best playing bi-metal design at an affordable price. It features a strong 7003 aluminum body with stainless steel rings for the perfect weight distribution and a really beautiful look overall.

The design offers some incredible stability and spin power thanks to a slightly more narrow body. It has excellent speed and control, and it still holds plenty of spin even after lengthy tricks.


The new Top Yo-Encores is the signature model of TopYo team member Chi Gaoyun!

This affordable bi-metal design has a comfortable feel in the hand and nice presence on the string. The bi-metal construction gives it impressive spin time and power even through long combos. It features a flat cup surface with a bold engraving that gives it a really clean simple aesthetic.

The size and weight distribution makes the Encores a great choice for 1A and 3A, and with the low price tag it’s a great choice for your first bi-metal!

Bearing Tool:

This convenient bearing removal tool from TopYo is small, easy to use, and gives you plenty of leverage for those extra stuck bearings.Just place the tool in the inner race of your bearing and rock left to right for easy removal.

The unique twist that TopYo added to their tool is the opposite threaded end. Just screw it into the axle hole and you have the ideal hold for polishing or cleaning.


That patronus looks great, especially in the raw colorway!

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