The TopYo bi-metal PATRONUS and mono-metal PATRONUM!


The main goal for the Patronus was to create the best playing bi-metal design at an affordable price. It features a strong 7003 aluminum body with stainless steel rings for the perfect weight distribution and a really beautiful look overall. The design offers some incredible stability and spin power thanks to a slightly more narrow body. It has excellent speed and control, and it still holds plenty of spin even after lengthy tricks.


The all new TopYo Patronum is a mono-metal version of their popular bi-metal Patronus!

As with the Patronus, the Patronum body is machined from 7003 Aluminum for improved strength and durability. It has the same shape as the Patronus, but slightly larger width and diameter to keep the performance as close to the original as possible. It has a great feel in play with the perfect blend of power and maneuverability.

The Patronum offers all the performance of a high end model at an unbeatable price, an excellent option for and yoyo player!


I ordered a black Patronus with Rainbow Rims. Can’t wait to get my hands on it! :heart_eyes:


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