New to yoyoing, is mine good?


Hey everybody

Ive been yoyoing for about a month, and i recently got a Yomega Hotshot.
Is this a good beginner/ intermediate yoyo?

And also I’m having trouble with my split bottom mount… My throw hand string is getting in the way when i try to mount it, so it tangles up.



Welcome. This should go in general or trick help, not reviews.


Sorry about that.


no a good begginer yoyo is the dark magic two comes with 2 ball bearings and takes you from begginer to expert


PM me about that split bottom mount, I had the same problem!! I know how to fix it now, so maybe I can be a big help to you :slight_smile:


Well hotshots okay, but you arent gonna be able to do any big string tricks on it. But for a begginer it will do… :wink:

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With practice you will be surprised how much you can do with it. It will do what you learn to do with it. (That’s always the case though. It’s not what your yoyo can do it’s what you can do with the yoyo)
When it breaks or you get tired of it then you can decide what to get next. Just enjoy it!


DMII or the Speeder 2


I’d say post your budget for a new yoyo. The Legacy II is a great yoyo at a decent price. The DM2 and Speeder 2 are better choices, with my choice being a DM2(I also have a Speeder 2)


the shinwoo zen series is a bitr better and also pricier.


It’s good but not amazing, there are definitely better beginner yoyos. The yyf one, is great beginner throw and comes with two bearings, one for beginners and one for advanced play. They are available here at yye.


I agree, the One is a good very starting beginner yoyo, I carry one just so when a kid asks if he can try, I hand them that one, but it really won’t spin long enough, and I think you will be frustrated with it quickly if you’re trying to do a lot of string tricks. I like my Dark Magic II, but I don’t get enough stability out of it… If you are looking to do some advanced string tricks eventually, and you have the budget for a DM II, for just about 10 dollars more, you can get a RecRev Sharp, which is much more stable, a little more rim weight, and comes with a nice high speed bearing. The only thing I don’t like about it is the response pads. Buy some extras with it, they don’t last very long…


As for the split bottom mount, I pull the string that’s in the way out with my thumb. It helps a lot to learn and I still do it


no offense to yomega, but they dont really have any good yoyos. you should try to get away from their yoyos. i would say after the hot shot, go for either a Dark Magic 2, Protostar, or Northstar. For all of these you will need to learn how to bind.


With the Dark Magic 2 and the stock bearing (thin one) binding is not needed… well, that’s what I feel hehe.
I’ve been throwing it this past 3 days and you can gravity pull without much issue (I believe it is just a matter of practice and technique)
Although I only have the Dark Magic 2 so far, it is my very first yoyo in 30 years and I think I can recommend it 'cause if someone like me can work with it and feel comfortable then someone with more experience will certainly do magic with it.



I’m generally not a big Yomega fan. The Raiders are pretty decent though. I wouldn’t mind having a pair of Raiders in my collection soon.


Unless your willing to mod the heck out of the raiders they suck, and it’s even harder to the mod no then it was before because they ship with metal spacers and a super weak axle.


Welcome to the community! Don’t worry, I had that problem with the split bottom mount when I first started too. I’d say that a great beginner yoyo is the YYF One. It comes with two bearings, a slim bearing for responsive and normal sized bearing for unresponsive. It also cost much less than the DMII, which I’d say is a better intermediate yoyo than beginner yoyo.


Welcome to the yo-yoing community!

Yomegas are generally looked down upon over here especially after the incident, but in my opinion, they make acceptable throws.

There are plenty of other better choices though! I suggest looking into the Adegle PSG, some YYJ throws such as Legacy II or Kickside, or some certain YYF throws such as the whip.

As for the split-bottom mount, try not to move your throw hand index finger and allow the momentum to swing the yoyo around the throw hand index finger.

Also, if your string is constantly tangling, it might be a problem with string tension.

Here’s a good guide to adjust string tension^


what incident?