New to 4a!


I just got my Go Big, and I love it. Some questions though.

  1. How can I improve my spin time?

  2. Should I use longer string? Will it be easier?

  3. My bind snags a lot, and 4a snags are weird. How can I stop snagging and what’s the proper way to get snags out?

Thanks you guys!


Welcome to 4A and an excellent starter choice.

1: Clean the bearing. If it has the plastic cage, get a half spec bearing with the metal cage. I have better results with those.

2: Not necessarily. Start with a standard 1A string length. Adjust from there. I find that works best. Sometimes too much string gets in the way, especially when starting out

3: Practice. Seriously. We all go through this at some point. Just keep at it and you’ll work your way through it. The GoBig gap is kinda on the narrow side due to the bearing(DO NOT put a SPEC bearing in there, it will be too wide) and it makes snags a bit easier. Just deal with it, you’ll get past it.


Thanks! But I actually think I have an older version. I got it cheap in a trade. It’s red and is responsive with a SPEC bearing, which very deep bearing seats. I tried longer string and didn’t like it, so I’m back to my regular string. I am just throwing and catching and binding right now and it is very fun. I can’t wait to start to get into tricks!