4A Help - Engine - String Snag


I picked up an Mowl Anarchy recently and been learning the trick Engine.

I can get the trick down, but almost everytime the string is snagging in the gap, killing the spin and stopping me getting back to a normal 4A position (string gets stuck).

I’ve swapped the spacer out to the widest one available with it, but same problem.

Any ideas? I’d assume the gap should be big enough for this type of trick?

Even if I double on the string, like a trapeze, it often snags then as well.

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Im with you pal, having the same problem getting through this trick.

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Gap width/string thickness isn’t the issue, it’s all in the technique. I used to not be able to do engine at all without snagging, but now I can do it on my amulette (2.2mm gap) with fat string no issue. You just need to keep the yoyo constantly moving so it’s never just sitting in the mount, and to make the rolls as smooth as possible while keeping the strings taut. If you’re having too much slack in your string formation while doing the rolls you’ll cause the yoyo to sort of “drop” into the mount with a thud after a roll which will get string bunched up in the gap and cause a snag. It’s the same thing if you snag while doubling onto a mount, just keep the string formation tight so you don’t allow any slack to bunch up in the gap.

There’s not really any tips for it other than that unfortunately, it’s just practice after that. If you did want a tip for what it’s worth, maybe try playing with shorter string or grab down lower on the string when you create the initial loop so there’s just less space overall. Shorter string will be easier to keep taut.


Glad it’s technique… In a way.

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