New throws

Need some help finding a new throw I need some recommendations plz keep it under 60$

2012 severe

That’s $84.99. Not $60.

You should get your eyes checked.

I suspect he means the delrin Severe.


The C3 DI Base plays fantastically for a budget metal, also the Duncan raptor and echo are not bad choices either.

magicyoyos are cheap and a great buy… I have a desperado, it’s a great throw, and i’ve learned some difficult tricks with it. It’s not an especially well known brand, but it should be, based on the quality of their throws. the n12 Shark just came out, it’s soooooo sick looking… there are plenty of magicyoyo reviews on the forum, so check them out!

btw the desperado cost about 19 bucks on amazon, and the n9 floating, a hubstack yoyo, is about that much as well. the shark is currently only available on ebay for like 30 bucks, but it ships from china, so right now it’ll be a longer wait, but worth it! consider magicyoyo… i hope this helps! :wink: