New Throws and clean bearings.....

I have a noob question.
I just ordered a Too Hot, does it come with a clean bearing?

Should I clean it and re-lube it, or just leave it?
I’ve heard about breaking in bearings, do you just play with it or do something special?
How do you tell when it is broken in?

This is my first “real” throw if that’s not already obvious…

All yoyo’s come with “clean” bearings some just come lubed which can make them a bit responsive to break it in you just play with it and it should become unresponsive after a day or so (Depending on how much you throw it) IF the slight responsiveness at the start bugs you go ahead and clean and very lightly lube it and yo’ll be good to go.

Personally I would just play with it

Breaking in means just playing with it. I generally prefer breaking my bearings in over cleaning them.

The TooHOT I bought (Golden Galaxy… not sure if editions mattered for the TooHOT) came with a CTX. I believe the shop specs say CT, but mine was a CTX. CTX come factory-lubed, so it required some breaking in.

What is the difference in the x?

X balls vs. 8. Plus the factory lube, which the 8-ball CT does not have.

Ha! Roman numerals! Now I get it.

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