Stock bearings?

Any way to tell how a bearing is gonna be shipped? Are cbc’s dry? Do 10 balls come lubed? What bearing arrived in my spyy pro or techno 2? Is there a list anywhere for this? I’m not trying to debate how they should be used. Just curious how they leave the factory.

Thank you

don’t think a list like that out there.
but whenever I get a new bearing first thing I do is throw it. if I feel it’s too responsive, take it out and clean it. then put it in and carry on.
generally what I’ve seen is pretty much all duncan throws I’ve gotten come stock with a lubed bearing (which is annoying to me). where as anything else like one drop or yyf come with a pretty unresponsive one.

You can just email the company that makes the yoyo (or possibly the store), I’m sure they’d be happy to awnser any quesiton you have.

I doubt a list would exist. Manufacturers could change their methods to save costs, or perhaps they are just buying bearings from somewhere else and then re-selling them as-is and that place. Either place may choose to ship pre-lubed bearings, but may ship to dry bearings just to save the costs on lube(which adds up in an economy of scale).

Why not just take the bearing, clean it and then lube it, eve if it’s new from the package?

That eliminates guess-work. Might even take less time than contacting the manufacturer. Or contact your retailer/place of purchase. If they are a specialty store, the odds of them knowing are better than a big box “general toy store” location.