New throw. What should i expect...


Hey all!

So I am getting a General Yo Majesty in the mail here soon. So my question for everyone, what should I expect? This is going to be my first nice throw. So I am way excited for it to get here.


let it be a mystery i have 2 majesties


Apparently, if it’s Gen yo, then expect smooth.


Its pretty awsome, will spoil you for your future yo-yos that you will buy…


General Yo should rename all of its throws to “Butter”, because they’re so smooth. Seriously. I’ve said it time and time again, my Ministar is basically the smoothest thing I’ve ever thrown (even smoother than the other General Yo’s I’ve tried.


General Yo hand-picks their throws, that’s why. Not complaining though, all three of mine are really smooth. Expect a really nice grinding finish as well. General-Yo has one of the best blasting in the market.


You should expect to get a General Yo Majesty in the mail there soon.


I’m gonna say it bad to put ur hopes down and when u get it u will be happy. (But it’s really good)


I laughed, but then I realized, this is the first time I didn’t see you write something long and informative.


The moneys changed him… ;~;


How? Please enlighten me as to how it changed me. And are we talking “lack of money” or “excess of money”. Just want to be clear on things.


Its a joke bro :wink: