(Owen) #1

This a fantastic Yoyo. I just got the prototype from a contest and it is so smooth.

When production runs come out, I say you get one.

General Yo. For the win.

(SR) #2


I’ll be getting one for sure.

What contest did you get it at?

(Owen) #3

At a Yoyo club I go to they had a battle, and I came in second next to Chase Baxter, but he gave it to me because he is awesome!


I think I’m definitely going to buy one of these when they come out! Specs look right on. Hopefully I won’t have to wait too long…
How does it play in terms of speed technical tricks, etc.?

(Owen) #5

Speedy tech tricks? It actually plays rather well for this type tricks.

It’s really smooth too. Like General Yo smooth (lol)

(SR) #6

He just straight up gave it to you? :open_mouth:

(Owen) #7

Yeah haha, it was really close though and he said that I deserved it.

There will be videos of the battles soon (Hopefully)

(SR) #8

Aw man thats sweet. Lmk when the videos are out. Ill keep a look out, but just PM me anyways.