New throw money


Hey I’m at that time where I want a new throw but a little broke. I was just wondering what you guys have done to raise money for new throws and things you recommend me to do. I want to get about $100.


Slowly save up or sell some unused old throws.


What do I do?
Odd jobs.
Do sound for concerts
Media Transfers(film, audio, video, data capture and image capture)
WAN/LAN/WIFI/Dial-Switched and computer consulting and repairs.
Tech work
Studio recording/studio work
Radio, television, broadcast work
Video editing
Lighting Design
Repair stuff for other people, usually cables. Build them too.
Home theater installs with proper video and audio calibration INCLUDING 7.1 surround
Corporate sound
Equipment rentals

In my case, when the concert season dies, the media transfer busines increases. When that dies off, then the computer/data work starts to hit. When that fades, it tends to be concert time again.