New releases from Turning Point - The RADIX and MIID-Y!

Sure, magnesium is a place to go after those other perfectly suitable materials. Maybe not the best place to go though.

(WARNING…the following post is filled with many, many words and my regular poor punctuation. This response may be uncomfortable for some to read. Especially if you already don’t like me. Especially if you feel I am deliberately condescending in tone. Especially if you are allergic to books. And most especially if it’s just easier for you to complain about others instead of coming up with something constructive. You have been warned…)

My other 3 cents….

I never said that magnesium was the best choice or even in the top several choices for making yo-yos.

I never said ‘any’ yo-yo is worth what people charge for them.

I never said that only Kentaro makes good yo-yos.

I never said everybody/or even/anybody should get a yo-yo just because it is made of magnesium.

I never said life would be sad if magnesium yo-yos were never produced and everybody didn’t dream of owning them.

I never said magnesium was some kind of magical metal ideal for making yo-yos.

I never said my favorite yo-yo or yo-yo of choice or EDC yo-yo was/would be/ or should be made of magnesium.

I never ordained myself to be the spokesman for the metal named magnesium.

……Here is what I did say.>

Turning point in my opinion, has never made a bad yoyo(one that I personally didn’t like).

I said I feel Kentaro designs high performance yoyos(in my opinion).

My opinion based on Turning Points history, is that if Kentaro releases a magnesium yo-yo, it’s probably a very good playing yoyo(not a quote).

I had 2 Generalyo Magnum yo-yos. I never really liked them and made sure the 2 people I sold them to, understood that I was selling them yo-yos I didn’t like.

I have several Duncan MG yo-yos. I had a half dozen of them… Sold a few. I have 2 used MG’s I seldom use. I have 2 new in boxes, in my gun safe for more than 15 years. Most likely I will never use them.

I have 2 KYO Death Robots. I LOVE THEM. I have few yoyos(in my opinion) that have the same amazing feel in: the hand, on the throw down, in play and on the return catch. I am not saying the magnesium part of the construction is responsible for the yo-yos’ performance. I don’t even care to what percentage magnesium assists in the play of the yo-yo.

I have a Radix. I bought one because I have known Kentaro for many years. His work has never let me down. He is a good guy and I have high regard for his skill set, regardless of how you feel or question his skills…That is your opinion.

I didn’t buy a Radix because it is made from Magnesium. The construction metal was not a prime consideration in my purchase.

The Radix is just another yo-yo playing adventure(at my meager skill level) and my primary decision was based on whether I wanted to pay that much for the yo-yo… regardless of what it was made from.

3 things I have learned in life>

  1. They won’t let you into Disneyland without buying admission.

  2. They won’t let you get on an Airplane without buying a ticket.

  3. If you want to play with a new yoyo(and nobody you know has one you can try out) you have to pay for admission to give the yo-yo a spin.

If I was over technical about why I purchase what I purchase, I probably wouldn’t have 1500 yo-yos.

Persson, I have high respect for your knowledge of yo-yos, yo-yo construction, yo-yo making history, material use/combination considerations for optimal performance potentials, etc. You could give lectures on things yo-yo related.

But that being said, I honestly have the ability and willingness to make my choices in what I use or purchase.

I may decide it is the first Turning Point yoyo I don’t like? I don’t make instant judgements.

But, if I do decide I don’t like the Radix, I doubt I will blame it on its’ magnesium construction.

The buy price certainly isn’t peanuts. But then again, I don’t have a ‘budget’, so another yo-yo purchase ‘is’ peanuts to me.

Like I already pretty much explained, if you wanna play, you have to pay.

But the truest reality is much simpler >

If you wanna play yoyo, all you need is one good $20 yoyo and string and fun awaits.

Double that if you play 3A

Not one of my yoyos came with tricks included.


Looks like a nice yoyo, but honestly after reading this thread it looks like I lucked out on missing it. Titanium at least has objective reasons for being high priced; Mg is just used as a material because it is unique and is possible. Seems like too high of a price point to pay for a material that you can basically do the same with plastic. Still, ngl, I want an Mg yoyo. But not so badly now.


You do understand that ethyl alcohol (tequila) and isopropyl alcohol (hand sanitizer) are chemically different. The former is a mild poison that impairs judgement, the latter a more potent poison that gets metabolized to acetone, among other things.

Could you drink hand sanitizer? No one recommends it. However, don’t confuse isopropyl alcohol with ethyl alcohol which is much more toxic, metabolizes to formaldehyde, and, will make you go blind since it targets the cells in your retina

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This thread got me feelin like……


Yeeah but some metabolizes into acetaldehyde :wink: Anyways, it’s just an analogy for quality, but Im picking up what ur putting down.

I tend to agree with everything you express, and in fact, even I never said that you … said that stuff :wink:.
In fact, my speech concerns the magnesium in the yoyos … not the Radix i the yoyo mg of TP and I motivated why, making those considerations, I never had the desire to buy one (there are also other crucial and critical points that also manufacturers have often discouraged not to use this metal, such as the need to coat it with the relative risk of creating vibrations due to the firing of the coating if for example ceramic or the possibility of ruining the coating in the assembly of weight rings in case of bi-metal … see for example how many Battle Demaged prorpio in Death Robot MG … and it is fair to say that this too raises the price, rightly … but they are “deliberate problems” because you want to use a material that as I said it is not really the best choice) … but clearly starting with “my 2 cent” it is implied that this only applies to me and not only does it not make the law but I don’t even expect others to think like me.

P.S. I am not saying that Kentaro is not a serious person or that he is not a good guy but it is also true that for many years, when Made in Japan and 7075 aluminum were perceived as a plus, much more than today, and therefore they had prices relatively high compared to the rest of the products available … TP, for many years never stated that aluminum used or where its yoyos were made (for example, at sight, the anodic coloring of many models of the time, Leviathan, Solenoid, etc. make us think of 6061) and his close acquaintance with Ben from YYF, who had already been producing in China for years … you know, here in Italy there is a saying “If you think badly you commit a sin but, you almost always guess” .


You are a very intelligent and knowledgeable guy, Fabrizio.

Your views are Always enlightening. Your input is a valuable asset to the community.



thank you, I appreciate it very much but, I simply think I am one of the many participants who with their passion and competence, make this community that fantastic place it is. :wink:


If I had made the same points as him, you would have torn me to shreds.

Just lol.

let’s get together (not to build yoyo, in that you know a lot more than me! :heart_eyes:) but to write … we protect each other.

Joking eh! :rofl:




Well, I’ve been throwing around this Radix.

To me, it is a most excellent yo-yo. It has that very unique magnesium feel.

It is not small… It is not a speed demon… and it does not have bi-metal power.

That being said, it is just a superb design.

It has plenty of power… it feels great in the hand… it throws down effortlessly… it has a soft float feel as it spins…it has a slick almost slippery finish to it… and it is as fun as anything I have ever thrown(more fun than most).

A few skeptics almost kept me from getting one. And even though I knew there was a reasonable chance they were right. I also knew there was a reasonable chance they were wrong.

So, I decided to take a chance and could not be happier.

…The finish does seem to be more delicate. I am certain it wouldn’t take a ‘good hit’ without jacking up the finish.

But, I will just be a little more cautious and pay attention to my string length, string condition and surroundings, lol.

Obviously can’t knock this around like a Titanium yo-yo.

Then again, nobody claimed it had any Superman finish properties.

The finish is easier to mark though(like a KYO Death Robot). Gotta take the good with the bad, just like most things in life.

I don’t know if this could be done, but if an AMS finish(like Luftverk uses) could be applied to magnesium, that would be a Superman situation🙀

The Radix is an excellent effort by Kentaro Kimura which is no big surprise if you throw Turning point yo-yos.


adamantium, obtained by lathing one of the six claws of my childhood friend Wolverine! :grin:
I’m sorry … I won !!! :wink:

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very interesting!
clearly to obtain with magnesium a yoyo with a consistent weight and not squat proportions, the dimensions must be rather generous but this has never been a problem for me … I love my Dreadnoughts or my H5 madly!
I am sure that the feeling of “floating” due to the specific weight is interesting … great that it suits you.
Do you by any chance know what type of coating it has been finished with? ceramic powder?

It’s some cerakote that’s been baked on. Here it is compared to my monthish old mgska that hasn’t been cleaned

I got mine, I have to say it’s decent, but not the best. It plays to me like a collapsar without the bimetal oomph and stability you get. The finish is nice in hand, but forces you to use slick full nylon or poly strings to keep it from impeding on the spin time. It not being bi also makes the thing a bit unstable at low rpm, unlike other throws where you can more or less keep it on plane to those final moments before it runs out of spin and dies. Not to say it’s unmanageable at low rpms, but it definitely takes more work to keep it where u want it.

In terms of actual play, its powerful. I love a meaty throw, and this gives you a nice momentum to keep throwing rejects up until that spin start runnin out. Slanging it around from sting to string is satisfying without feeling like a rock. It binds very clean and allows for great regens even if it doesn’t roll all the way up thanks to the heft. The catch is nice and wide, and the coating is forgiving enough for Talon and thumb grinds, albeit after some getting used to.

Tldr: good rejects and regens, modern catchzone and shape with the heft make for a surprisingly well-rounded throw, plays like a mono collapsar, finnicky at low speeds.


one thing must be said … the beauty of having a yoyo that at the sight seems carved in plaster is a fantastic thing … it probably also depends on the fact that not being able to obtain the white color with anodizing, we are not used to seeing one metallic yoyo with an absolute white finish.