Big Turning Point Restock - RADIX, HINEMOSU, & COLLAPSAR!


When it comes to yoyos Magnesium is a very interesting material, and not one we see used often due to the difficulty in machining and finishing. When comparing it to the other popular material options - Polycarbonate (the most common plastic used for yoyos) has a specific gravity of about 1.2, 6061 aluminum (also very common for yoyos) has a specific gravity of about 2.7. But Magnesium on the other hand has a specific gravity of about 1.7, which gives it a special feeling that is almost more like plastic than metal.

The Radix weighs in at 66g, but still offers a pleasantly light and fast feeling play with impressive maneuverability and control. And even though it plays somewhat light, it’s not lacking in power in any way. The thick rims of the Radix give it a powerful spin and an ease of acceleration that will effortlessly push through your longest combos.

Wednesday 1/12 @ 8PM EST.


Based on the shape of Takeshi’s previous models, Colony and Mustang, the Hinemosu has a familiar look with a completely new construction. It features Titanium rings on an aluminum body that brings a refreshing feel to a tried and true design.

Titanium is lighter than stainless steel, but by making the rings wider and thicker Turning Point was able to disperse the rim weight further. This gives the Hinemosu has a level of control that’s hard to match and responds to your movements with a light touch. Paired with a slightly narrower than average width, this is the perfect model to weave through intricate tricks and tech combos.

Wednesday 1/12 @ 8PM EST.


This new release from Turning Point is the signature model for China National Champion Jason Liu Zichen! Tipping the scales at over 76g, the Collapsar is a heavyweight model constructed with an Aluminum body and thick Titanium rings. 76g may sound heavy, and it is, but it doesn’t feel quite as heavy as you would expect in play. The extra weight gives it some serious power and keeps the yoyo on plane through any combo you can throw at it.

Jason is known for his speedy play, and the heavier yoyo gives him more control through those super fast speed combos. A lighter yoyo runs the risk of catching an unexpected string or tilting off plane as you pick up the pace, but the Collapsar offers a sense of control and stability while still being capable of high speed.

Wednesday 1/12 @ 8PM EST.


Does the red radix feel sticky or does it feel the same as the normal but just a different color? @YoYoExpertGarrett

Ooh, that hot pink Hinemosu looks so good. Hinemosu might be one of my top 5 fav yo-yos as of lately. Got once second hand back in September and have put a lot of use on that one.

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Hinemosu and Collapsar are just amazing yoyos that I would recommend to anyone who likes high end stuff. I’m curious to try the Radix.


Yeah, it has more of a sticky feel compared to the chalky white version. Not quite as sticky as like glossy metal because it’s still textured, but similar. From what I understand they used a special type of paint on the reds, so the finish is different.

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A red-and-white Radix halfswap should be made available as the Radish.


That’d be cool but I’d be too scared of a big weight difference to do it.