New releases from sOMEThING - SPEEDER and Kill Shot!


Hiroyuki Suzuki, the owner of sOMEThING and former YoYoJam team member, is reviving one of his most popular signature models - The SPEEDER!

The all new Speeder maintains the same hybrid composition as the original with a plastic body and metal rims, but the metal has changed from narrow brass rims to broad aluminum rims. The larger overhanging aluminum rims spread the rim weight further giving it a more balanced agile feel in play while maximizing spin power and stability. It features a competitive profile with a rounded v-shape that fits comfortable in the hand and a speedy play style that moves as fast as you can push it.

Hiroyuki set out to create a modern version of the Speeder and this absolutely nails it. Whether you’re an old school YoYoJam fan or just want a new competition ready yoyo, the new sOMEThING SPEEDER will not disappoint!

Releasing Wednesday 10/27 @ 8PM EDT.

Kill Shot:

The Kill Shot design is originally based on the phaser. It has almost an identical shape, but the rim is where you’ll notice the main difference. Unlike the phaser which featured an inner weight ring, the Kill Shot has an extra thick ring that extends to make up the outer edge of the profile. This places more weight to the outer edge of the yoyo to provide ample spin power.

The added spin power and stability form the extra thick weight ring gives the Kill Shot impressive control in play that will quickly make it your go-to for practicing your most difficult tricks.

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