New Release! YoYoFactory HEIST & SPACE CROWN!


YoYoFactory is taking the idea of a ‘pocket yoyo’ to a whole new level with their latest release – The USA Made HEIST!

The Heist packs an amazing level of performance in a size that you can easily take with you wherever you go. We know you can take most yo-yos everywhere, but this thing is so small you might even forget it’s in your pocket!

The stainless steel construction is so dense that you get all of the weight necessary for long spins and full combos in one tiny package. The Heist uses standard sized string and YoYoFactory fitted it with a small size A Center Trac Bearing that works perfectly with such a compact design and really amps up spin power.

Small and slim enough to fit in your pocket, comfortable and fun for daily use, and able to handle any and all modern tricks! The Heist will redefine how you view undersized performance!


7068 Aluminum is a relatively new alloy to the yo-yo world. It’s an amazingly strong metal that has a better weight/strength ratio than grade 5 Titanium and we are excited to see YoYoFactory trying it out in their new design! The Space Crown Ultra!

The Space Crown is focused on maximum performance, long spins, and extreme maneuverability through long and difficult combos. ‘Ultra’ refers to the all new durable 7068 aluminum construction, which ensures that the Space Crown will play at the top of its game even after constant use!

Fast, Stable, and designed with a fingerspin friendly cup, the new Space Crown Ultra has out of this world performance!

I feel like I already own the Heist, but mine says Little Evil 2 on it…

Otherwise, I know I’d be buying it. I do like the Center Trac, and that’s it’s made in the USA.


That was my first thought as well. I’d love to see a side-by-side review. I like the look of that center trac a bearing…

Same initial thought here, but I think the Little Evil 2 has a D bearing and not an A bearing. I wonder how that would affect play?

I also like the idea of a centering bearing.

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>

Yeah, dimensions are about the same, but weight distribution and bearing size are different. I have played the little evil 2, but not recently so I can’t really give a comparison.

From looking at them I’d say Heist has a wider effective catch zone with the bump in the profile, which is really helpful on such a small yo-yo.

Well, I think I know why they named it “The Heist”! ;D

The Little Evil 2 has a wider string gap, it has a bump leading into the response, rather than a bump in the profile. I didn’t really notice that bump until you pointed it out.

Diameter is the same. Width difference is just about the difference between the gap width. Extra weigh on the Heist looks to be the in the hub area.

Like I said, I would so be all over this if I didn’t have the LE2 already. Maybe one day I’ll run into one to compare. Maybe those little differences add up to a big one.

Reminded me of the Saint Eel when I first saw it…specs are very close including bearing size

Thinking of buying the Heist soon. Aside from the CBC Small Pads, what other response pad can fit the Heist? This will be my first small bearing yoyo if ever I cop this one.

I checked the page for the CBC pads here in YYE, however, did not found the size of the CBC Small Pads.
Thank you!