Yoyofactory Space Crown Ultra


Any opinions on the New Space Crown? Haven’t read anything on Yoyoexpert about it. It’s made of 7068 aluminum, which has me very interested.


Looks cool but from what I’ve seen on their social media they plan on doing more models with 7068 I would wait. The HEIST is looking cool as far as a new release from YYF. The shape of the crown doesn’t seem appealing to me



Wow, another company is actually starting to use 7068. I didn’t think it’d catch on. I’m interested to see where this goes. Hats off to Sengoku for being the pioneer.


Yes! Sengoku does a great job pioneering and yoyofacotry does a great job bringing those newly engineered yoyos to the masses! :slight_smile:


When is the heist suppose to be released ?






I already spent to much this week lol


The Heist is not made from 7068.…it is made from stainless steel.

***Made in USA…but already available in Hong Kong ? Hmmmm… :-\


Yeah that’s kinda werid

Also why is it so expensive lol


Correct it isn’t made from 7068 but will be released close to it I just thought I would mention it. As far as why it’s so expensive, maybe it’s due to the difficulty of manufacturing something that small



60 bucks isn’t that expensive for a stainless steel yo-yo made in the USA. Mighty Flea was 65.


Ehh I’m just thinking other the material what else makes it different then the pop star and being alittle smaller. For alittle more you can find a one drop executive.


Why would you ask other than the material? The material is what makes it different.

The Heist is quite a bit smaller than the popstar and still 4 grams heavier. Even a little smaller than the Executive and 7 grams heavier. The small size, small bearing, and higher weight give it a more powerful spin and stability than the others mentioned.

I’m not saying it’s for everyone, but for $60 I like it.

And back on topic - The Space Crown Ultra plays great! The straight V-shape isn’t always my favorite, but this one has me changing my mind a little. I liked it much more than I thought I would.


How stable is it? By the pictures it looks really wide.



Feels really stable in play, and yeah it’s relatively wide - 45.75mm


Material makes all the difference in price! More expensive to buy raw, more difficult to machine, and more time needed to make it. All of that easily adds up to a higher price.


Would you personally recommend this, over say the C3 Gamma Crash? I want something that has a relaxed feeling to it and there seems to be an influx of modestly priced throws coming out… too many to choose from.



I feel like that thing has to be super stable! Stainless steel rings on a plastic body!


How much will it be??