New Release - The Enso UI Titanium yoyo!

From Enso: We are a collective of yoyo players that want to create yoyos with the unique ideas and innovations of our combined yoyo experience. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, but create products that are premium and fun to use. We love the concept of the Enso; A circle that is made through meditation, created with one stroke, and drawn without thought. We feel that this is the way one should go about yoyoing and creating a trick. Instead of a brush used to create, we are using the yoyo. Our motto, One trick, One Throw.

The UI is unique when it comes to the world of titanium yoyos. We have not seen one made with this shape. We wanted to make something that was quite wide and smaller, but not too undersized. The profile is wide without getting in the way of tight tech and has an agile presence on the string. Using titanium as the material allowed us to manipulate the weight distribution to give the yoyo a powerful spin. As one of our testers said; this thing spins so long I can practice my most difficult tricks without stress.

When creating our first model we took design input from people of all different skill levels to ensure the UI was a good fit for any style!

Releasing Friday 4/9 @ 8PM EDT.


So this released in January, but this is the first time on YYE?

Some of the finishes look similar to the 2sick rook finishes? I like that finish as it grinds pretty well.

Looks like it has an IGR?

Very exciting!

Looks great but it seems a little pricey for a relatively simple design from a new company.

I assume $400 is for raw. Probably another $50+ for colors?


Yeah. Raw is 400, solid ano is 450, splash is 475.

The Enzo UI… a circle that is made through meditation, in 1 stroke, without thought, uh, ok🤔

Our motto is ‘One trick, One throw’… <<<>>> is that a trapeze or a 4 minute trick?

The UI is unique in the World of Titanium because it is the 1st in that shape? Then, wouldn’t every other already existing Titanium yoyo be also unique since none of them are shaped like the UI?

“When creating our first model we took design input from people of all different skill levels to ensure the UI was a good fit for any style”. <<< >>> When you set up a yoyo design to ‘fit’ any style, there will always be a variation in the actual performance advantage it may have from style to style.

Personally, I think the yoyo shape and specs. Look great.

But the UI story has a strong tilt into dream-nastics.


lol yea, they kind of went over the top when it came to making the sales pitch. Still, looks like a great yoyo and I got one coming to me this week. Im still thinking nothing is going to beat the Metavity though.