New release from YoYoFriends - The SYNC!

Yoyofriends has always focused on creating high end premium throws like the Hummingbird, Magpie, & Raytracer, and now they’re bringing the same quality to the masses with their latest release - The Sync!

The Sync is a budget friendly model that is easily comparable with any high end performance driven yo-yo on the market. YoYoFriends utilized all their knowledge gained from previous designs to make sure their latest model had the power and speed to handle both long tech and lightning fast combos. Response has been tightened for improved binds and regens, rims have been rounded for better comfort, and overall weight has been lowered twice for improved speed and handling.

When you throw this yo-yo, you will immediately feel power and speed in perfect synchronization, and that they chose to name it the SYNC!


Here is a quick little test run of what the sync can do. It is now the main throw of Drake, Owen Titus and myself, 3/7 of the yoyofriends team.