One throw challenge with Sync

My best one throw yet. All with a monometal. :upside_down_face:


Will you be doing a Sync review? Very curious how this thing feels on the string, the specs and shape look great.


Probably will be buying one(or two) in a few days


Sure, why not, I do want to do it following yoyofriends chronological time-line tho along with other throws I have in mind.
P.S I think this video generally gives an idea what this yoyo is about hehe.


What colorway?

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Pink or purple if I’m getting one, raw if I’m getting 2


What can you tell us about the Sync, @Mazdarx7FD?



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Every design element is mostly based on performance. It has tons of power and stability that is almost non monometal like. It is really fast, (faster than raytracer) The weight is medium and overall have a very solid feel. It passed the speed, and horizontal test by myself. feel test for Stephen, power test by Ollie and of course the bind test by Drake. The rims are also rounded for better comfort. Also it is got that premium feel, finish and yoyofriend’s quality like all of our previous yoyos, HB, RT and MP. It stands up to all of them even at lower price.


Just bought 2 raws.

Hopefully will be here in time for #3aThursday :grin:

Ok other than the PLSTC and Antidote I’m done with spending for like 2 months :joy:


These are always so fun

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That’s what I thought too…now I’m waiting for my birthday in a few weeks as an excuse to buy more

The yoyo is surprising good at 3A theoretically, it is powerful stable and it just stays on the plane. It’s also got that 3Aish shape. Hopefully it works very well for you. :smiley:

Yeah, I have voice chat him a few times to make sure the response is absolute perfect for his high demanding binds. We took the Raytracer gut, shrink the wall a tiny bit to get that snappy feel and also decreased the gap width by 0.05mm for tighter response and regen. The results are really good! Sync is now Drake’s favorite yoyo and he binds with it no problem.

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Raws are sold out on YYE, I guess it was a favorite :hushed:


people are grabbing those raws left and right these days

Drake is wild. I’m a big fan.

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Right?? Semms like everyone likes raw yoyos these days. I might have missed the memo.

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You missed nothing. Raws have have issues. A nice flimsy bearing seat and post. Sounds great doesn’t it.

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The yoyo I’ve thrown the most all time is raw and I will continue to throw it.