New release from YoYoFactory! The PRAGMA!


In yoyo design there has been a divide as wide as the Pacific Ocean. On the American side stands organic curves & smooth edges. On the Japanese side it’s straight lines, angles and loaded up rims. Often one side will try to emulate the other in design philosophies but the results are usually askew. In Pragma we see the perfect integration.

Designed in Japan with SUS YOYO MECHANICS for Japanese player Izuru Hasumi YoYoFactory observed & offered only delicate guidance & concepts in the design process primarily overseeing the final production. In the global world of yoyo play this fusion creates an amazing result with world class performance to appeal to players around the world in what is sure to be remembered as a masterpiece.

Tuesday 7/28 @ 8PM EDT.


Well that looks just about perfect. Really like the shape, graphics, specs, and the white with black rims colorway.

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I thought the Pragma released back in 2019?

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This is the second version about 1g less than the 1st.


It came in a mystery box YoYoExpert had for sale, but wasn’t made available at the time anywhere else.

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Also the etching is pretty neat!


Awesome! I have the pragma from the mystery box. These colors are way cooler!!

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Am I crazy, or did I see this somewhere in a mystery box somewhere?


No you’re not crazy in fact the post right above yours explicitly said they got their pragma from a mystery box.

Plus this one a few posts above that one.


yeah I love the colors I just have never been a really big fan of O shape yoyos so I do not use it as much as some others. It is very smooth though.