Anyone tried yyf pragma?

How does it play? Also compared to the singularity?


I haven’t spent a ton of time with it, but it’s significantly different from the Singularity. The Singularity plays heavier, more solid, sluggish and perhaps marginally more rim weighted. The Pragma has more moderate agility and a hollow rather than solid feel. It seems quite well rounded, but not particularly outstanding in any one aspect.


The Pragma is now the ‘good throw’ I keep at work. I have a gamer for conference calls, a proyo for nostalgia, a first base for curious coworkers and a Pragma for myself. Like @Nocompromise said, it’s a good all-arounder. Reminds me more of the Astraea than the singularity because of the steps that make it almost round. A bit more comfy than the singularity, and definitely has that ‘hollow’ feeling.

Overall I am super stoked I got it, and knowing how good it is I would say it’s definitely worth the retail price. If you post a LF post you will very likely find someone selling one WELL below retail too.