New from YYF x SUSYOYOMECHANICS - The Pragma and Metavity in new colors!


Designed in Japan with SUS YOYO MECHANICS for Japanese player Izuru Hasumi YoYoFactory observed & offered only delicate guidance & concepts in the design process primarily overseeing the final production. In the global world of yoyo play this fusion creates an amazing result with world class performance to appeal to players around the world in what is sure to be remembered as a masterpiece.

New colors online now featuring the John And special edition!


The latest release from YoYoFactory is a Premium Titanium yoyo for Japanese team members Izuru Hasumi and Akitoshi Tokubuchi! Designed in colloboration with SUS YOYOMECHANICS to surpass all designs they have created in the past. The METAVITY!

YoYoFactory and SUS YOYOMECHANICS worked closely with Izuru and Akitoshi to create the ideal design to fit both their styles. They collected specs from their favorite models, analyzed the special characteristics of those yoyos, and figured out the best areas for improvement within this new design. The decision to go with a Titanium model was necessary for the added strength and durability and to shave off as much weight as physically possible from the axle area.


Some really nice looking colors here.