New Titanium Release from YoYoFactory & SUS yoyomechanics - The METAVITY!

The latest release from YoYoFactory is a Premium Titanium yoyo for Japanese team members Izuru Hasumi and Akitoshi Tokubuchi! Designed in colloboration with SUS YOYOMECHANICS to surpass all designs they have created in the past. The METAVITY!

YoYoFactory and SUS YOYOMECHANICS worked closely with Izuru and Akitoshi to create the ideal design to fit both their styles. They collected specs from their favorite models, analyzed the special characteristics of those yoyos, and figured out the best areas for improvement within this new design. The decision to go with a Titanium model was necessary for the added strength and durability and to shave off as much weight as physically possible from the axle area.

The Metavity has a nice wide profile that really opens up the catch zone and comfortable rounded rims that make those long practice sessions a breeze. It has a competitive feel in play with a focus on power, stability, and control to give players of all trick styles a massive power-up!

Releasing tonight - Monday 3/22 @ 8PM EDT.


Is there a detailed spec list on this yoyo somewhere? The specs listed seem a bit incomplete. Thanks

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if you click
the link
too, this specs dropdown
will pop


Not much love for this? I am surprised, titaniums seem to sell out fast. 399 is a lot for a yoyo though.

Wow… 45 Metavity yo-yos up for sale…

Is that a record for the number of Titanium yo-yos is a Yoyoexpert drop?

…That’s not any kind of trick question😳

I am so used to seeing Ti drops of 3, 4, 5 or 10… And they are gone the same hour or few hours.

45 is a bold number at 4 bucks a pop no doubt.

I will tell you something though.

I think their confidence in producing ‘more’ in the run comes from knowing just how good this yoyo plays.

I have one… and I’m gonna have to do a lot of catching up on skills before I can parallel my skills with this yo-yos’ Awesomeness.

A pure Top shelf effort on this Co-lab.


Im gonna be honest I was sure this was a bimetal for some reason. The rim looks like its got an inner ring haha


I thought the same thing!


I thought it was a bimetal at first. I would have bought it already if it was. Anyone know how it plays compared to the titanic? I have a few titanium throws, the titanic is currently my favorite.

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The Metavity has more of a modern competitive feel than the Titanic. Very fast and agile on the string, and feels surprisingly lighter than 66g in play. I would say it’s more floaty than I expected but I’d probably get yelled at. It just moves really well and has plenty of power to back it up. I picked one up to throw again before commenting and 20 minutes later I realized I was still throwing it.

One of my favorite releases of the year so far, by a lot… and I think once it gets into more throwers hands it will start get more attention.

The only thing I don’t like is the name… I want it to be Metativity, idk why, Maybe just to sneak Ti into the name? I have trouble saying metavity for some reason lol. What’s the story with the name @yyfben2?


Metativity sounds like a pokemon…hehe


It’s all Japanese :rofl::joy:


This one is going to be a slow burn. Some people are in it for the drop hype. This one will grow in legend.


When you let players choose their signature yo-yo names you get meerkat and METAVITY :innocent:



Switch one letter and then it’s better😬

…But now over the past few days that I’ve said the name in my head a hundred times. It actually sounds ok now, lol.

So, it went from one of the worst names I can remember for a yoyo. To an interestingly unusual name for an Amazingly excellent yoyo…

PS… kinda like seeing a beautiful woman and your friend says, ‘I wonder what her name it’?

And you say, ‘Honestly I don’t care what her name is. I think I’d get use to saying it’.:scream_cat:


I second everything said here. Definitely an outstanding yoyo. There’s a lot about the tiramisu that really speaks to me, but the metavity has an edge in terms of power, stability all those sorts of things you see in competition throws. That’s to be expected given the players who designed it. It is incredibly comfortable for a very high performance yoyo. The tiramisu has the edge in agility, plus that D bearing magic. I’m still wrapping my head around these yoyos.

I’ve kept this, doombot, tiramisu and ti wisteria sitting on my desk. I can pick up any one of these and be 100% happy, I couldn’t pick a favorite. I do this so that over time I’ll notice which one I pick up the most, which is my best indicator of which I prefer (often for reasons I don’t entirely understand). In the 24 hours since I got this wonder from yyf, it has been the one I find in my hand about half the time.

The other advantage the metavity has over almost any other Ti yoyo is that you can actually buy one, for now.


Funny and true.


Scary good yo-yo…deceptively awesome in so many ways. That’s it next to a ti-wanker.


I took the plunge and ordered one, and a few others I have had my eye on. This is an addiction I swear. If they ever make a titanium (TI bimetal!?) Version of the edge beyond, ultimatum, or monster, I would be all over it. I love ultra wide throws.


I remember that Lucas Decker unboxed this on youtube

To follow up, I REALLY like the metavity. Curious how it compares to a couple of other titaniums I am interested in like the dazzler or twin drive. Can anyone give a comprehensive comparison?