New release from PDX-YO - The LOCUS!

The latest release from PDX-YO is a beautiful new organic with a unique aesthetic - The Locus!

The Locus is a slightly compact mono-metal design that fits comfortably in the hand and offers a nimble feel on the string. The rounded profile draws inspiration from the PDX-YO Batsquatch and features a protruding rim that pushes rim weight more towards center. It has excellent power and stability while still providing a lighter and more maneuverable play experience than we expected from the 65.5g weight.

Releasing Saturday 12/4 @ 8PM EST.


I would choose a different name.


No way, yoyos share names semi often. Plus it totally fits for some reason.


This looks stylish!


This yoyo looks fantastic!

I really like the look of this.

Should have picked a different name though.

Eh, several recent releases have had names previously used in other yoyos… Basilisk, Essence, Impact, Code… Probably a few others i’m leaving out too. Not something to gripe about really. I honestly didn’t even know there was a Magicyoyo Locus until this post lol.

As for the PDX Locus - I really enjoyed it. Plays really well and I like the look of it. I threw it before checking specs and would have guessed like 63-64g. It has a nice agile feel, very fun throw.


I bought one, I was like do I really need another yoyo? But this design has just really struck me as special. So I decided to treat myself. My wife was supportive. I am excited. :slight_smile:


I’m trying to stop buying yoyos but this one looks dope


Ya! It’s one of the coolest looking yoyo’s I’ve ever seen. It’s like a piece of art. I saw it a few days ago, then saw it again this morning and haven’t been able to get it out of my mind since… It just has me really intrigued. I went with the midnight blue.

Often I plan long ahead on yoyos that I want to purchase. I’ll often follow them through prototyping and be planning to grab one once it releases. This yoyo kind of blindsided me, all of a sudden I saw it right before it was releasing and DAMN, it was hard to resist.

Currently, the release that I’ve been waiting for is the MK1 Spyglass. The last one was the The End ptII. I wasn’t planning on getting anything else in between, haha.

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There is no competition, and PDX is right to bring some light to the name Locus. The myy locus is a pile of hot trash. I gave mine to my 4yo and I’m hoping he destroys it. Thing spins for like 30 seconds max, feels like the weight is in all the wrong places.


I know I’m off topic but I gotta defend the MYY Locus with a large C bearing. It was one of my first metals years ago and my EDC off and on and I still love it. To be fair, I don’t remember much about how it played responsive.


Wow! This is how to do solid colors. :heart_eyes: I love these shades of green. The Locus just joined my Phidias and Batsquatch. All are such great yoyos. Salute!


Anyone else think it looks like they forgot to put bi-metal SS rings on it :sweat_smile::joy:

If they come out with a “Bi-metal Locus” I’ll definitely find that pretty humorous :joy:


I think this type of stepped rim design predates bi-metals. Galactic Goose, anyone? :man_shrugging:

Probably :man_shrugging:t5: I wouldn’t know :joy: I was just stating my initial first thoughts After seeing it for the first time :joy:
But that’s an interesting lil tidbit either way :grin:

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reminds me of this :arrow_up:


Yeah I can definitely see their related in shape !!! It’s only missing the ss rims :grin: