New prototype/3d model.

Here is a 3d model that I made.

Approximate specs:

50.8 Diameter.
44.5 Width.
65 grams.

Please feel free to give feedback or ask questions.

Looks like a sakura or an ILYY. Super cool but seems like an really close copy based of what I have seen before.

Thanks for the feedback. I will post a picture of the side profile when I have time, but its pretty different than the Sakura. While the rim is similar, it has an H profile, and a double concave wall. Its also substantially wider than most ILYYs, with the exception of the Lynx, which is about the same width but 5mm larger in diameter. The finish resembles the Candyblast, but keep in mind that this is just a SolidWorks model and this is a pre-made texture.

I know, it just reminded me not because of the texture though, it was the shape. Both inside and out look like the Sakura to me. Anyways, great job, even though yoyos are about the easiest things to CAD, this is a great one unlike others I have seen.

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I was happy with how the model turned out. I am posting a cutaway view so the profile will be easier to see.

Wow, that does look really good. You did a nice job on that! What dimensions did you use for the response? Are you planning on getting this machined, or did you just do it for fun?

The response is quite thick at 3/32 and .15 wide. I probably will thin it down, but I thought it might be beneficial in some way. I am waiting for the shop that I am a member at to get their CNC lathe set up, then I will be making some, but the design might change.

Thats really cool. I would love to know how that goes, so keep us updated!

Thanks. I will make sure to keep the thread updated :).

I think it should also be pointed out that your bearing seat isn’t correct. Just before you make protos, as to avoid un-usable yoyos

Design update:

Added more rim weight (now approx 67 grams) and reduced gap.

Could you let me know what is wrong with the bearing seat? I may have fixed it.

Unless your measurments are off there isnt anything wrong with it. This is a better weight placement IMO than the first one.

Here is a quick redesign with a more accurate looking finish and a shorter axle. Weight is will be close to 67 grams. Approximately 50x44 mm.

First proto should be completed within the month.

it looks like a small reshaped X3 stampede

Couldnt you insert the name of almost any yoyo into that sentence? small reshaped anything?

no actually

Aside from the shape, weight, diameter, width, and finish it looks exactly like a Freehand Zero to me.

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what program did you use to make this design

I think it looks most like a VsNYYC Battosai.