okay so i’m starting to design my very own delrin yoyo

heres the rought draft, and i know it’s bare

this is what were, gonna decide on

weight distribution

it’s gonna be an undersized, and made of delrin so yeah

if you are a machinist, and can do a metal for less than $100 i will come to you!!

What exactly are you asking for? CAD services? Or simple Decisions?

are you really going to sell this? And why did you call it supernova knockoff?

I saw that too. Lol, that’s just weird. Is this supposed to rip off the Supernova or something? haha

I guess so.

Hahaha, no, he came to me and said he wanted a similar shape as the supernova"s outer shell. So I called it supernova knockoff because it was how I could easily sort it. It’s very different than a Nova. The inside is absolutely different. Now, idk if that can get you out of “jacking” designs but… idk.

Not really IMO. It would be like taking an essence and making it have… say, Supernova-like guts. It’s still a knockoff IMO.

Thats what I thought too… but it’s what he wanted.

Then what’s the question? ???
Other than mine.

okay, so i’ve decided cut off the nova knockoff and go a completly different direction

here’s facts i’ve decided myslef on

D bearing
56mm diameter
46mm width
6mm gap width

so now i need someone to make a rough sketch for me, it’s gonna be completly different

wow you should go for a little bit undersized cause right now im lovin my ministar


Do you plan on beefcaking? If not, your target gap is impossible.

oh yeah, your right, hmm, i’ll have to reduce the size by one MM

okay 5mm then,

i would make the diameter 53
and the width 40.5

The bearing wouldn’t be really secure as much as others… I’d shoot for 4.5mm or a bit smaller.

he wants undersized. so 53 is not undersized.

i really love the shape, and i hope it works out for you!

i’d personally go with a 49mm diameter, small, but usable. i’ve never used Derlin personally, but i’d think that a greater mass focused towards the rims might help. i’d increase the rim size a small amount

it’s NOT a knockoff, i was going to take the shap and redistrubute the weight to give it it’s own feel