New Project- Homespun Yoyo Design!

Hello everyone! This is my new project I’ve been working on. It’s called Homespun Yoyo Design, and I am focusing on a D.I.Y attitude while designing yoyos. I am working one on one, in person, with a talented local machine shop right here in western PA! This is my first design effort, I am calling it The Keystone. This is just the prototype, but I’d like to know what everyone thinks! I’m excited to dive into the online yoyo community, being a player myself. Thank you all for checking it out!

Attractive shape. Would love to see other angles and maybe some info on the specs.

Coming very soon man! Stay tuned. Thanks for the compliment. I’m really happy how it’s coming along.

Reminds me of Sorry Yoyos “Ratchet”. Would be curious to see the cup to get a better understanding of weight distribution!

Catch zone looks great! Would like to see the cup though so we could better understand how it will play. If you need testers hmu :wink:

A shot of the cup. This is the general idea of it. Some minor tweaking is going to take place though!

and now i’m a little interested lol weight?

Diameter- 55.62
Weight- 65.2

When you do, round out that nub!

Already in the works! Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

Looks nice! If you need testers, I’m your man!

Thanks man, glad you’re digging it :slight_smile:

I gotta test this, looks like my kind of yoyo.

Thanks for liking the design! Things have been moving faster than expected and I’m thinking by this time next week, I’ll be ready to take preorders! Stay tuned everyone, full specs, pictures and preorder are almost here.

I started putting together some packaging for the Keystones!

The anodized Keystone proto run came in! Really happy with the color on these guys. PA blue and gold.

Looks great!

Thanks man!

ooh these look interesting and if i find out a price tag on these yoyos i think this could make or break it for me but as far as i know i hope make it!

I’m shooting for a price tag of $70.00 +shipping. Thanks for the kind words!