New people: please post here if you have trouble finding help

New or used people:
Do you have confusedface when looking for something like help with repair/maintenance, or where to post specific types of questions?

Please post here any confusion you may have or had.

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Used people? What sort of a phrase is that?

It’s a mind blowingly funny joke
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It was so funny I laughed. I’m not exactly new or used, but “near-mint”

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Or is it? :wink:

it is actually pretty hilarious.

After what I’ve seen and done, I’m definitely USED…

High miles, erratic maintenance. At least I’m not leaking any fluids, currently…

^ O_o Umm… what?


I just have one question. Which I guess isn’t really a maintenance question, but whatever. How do you keep string organized? ie: not just a big tangled clump of string.
A while ago I made a spool of sorts that worked pretty well, but it was too big to fit in my case, so I’m looking for a possible alternative.

I’m not funny.
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I recently went around the apartment and threw away all the strings hanging around everywhere. Anything with a loop went in the trash (I recently started playing longer string so tossing all used string was fine being too short anyway).

After tossing all the string laying around, I took all the string with no loops already, new string, sorted them by brand and type and put them in marked bags, then put it all in a big plastic envelope I bought a year ago and never used.

So now I have all the small run string sorted in there. I also repurposed one of the little compost containers the city littered the porches with into a container for larger bulk string, so all my kitty string, 100% cotton and slick 6 is in there.
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Please post all of your repair or maintenance problems in the modification and maintenance forum.

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