New MOWL Leather cases and Feet Glove Socks!

Designer Leather Cases:

The Designer Leather Case by Mowl is a simple yet luxurious feeling genuine leather case designed to protect your throws and keep you looking stylish on the go.

The small case has foam cutouts for 2 yoyos as well as 2 pockets for your personal belongings or yoyo accessories. The Large case has cutouts for 6 yoyos, 2 cutouts for parts/counterweights, and several pockets and button pouches for everything you need to take with you. Finished with a simple ‘mowl’ stamp on zippers, these bags have a sleek look that’s perfect for any occasion.

Feet Gloves:

Mowl from Japan may not be the first yoyo company to release apparel, but they might be the first to have their own original socks!

Mowl Feet Gloves are a super comfortable tall sock with a simple striped design that matches any style. They are sourced from comfortable cotton with Nylon used just for the wordmark stitching. They’re available in One size US8-US11 (26cm-29cm).


Lol Feet Gloves


I’m not 100% sure if it’s a translation goof or intentionally funny (I believe it was intentional), but I love the term feet gloves and plan to use it often now haha.


Do you have measurements for both size bags?


I would think Hand Socks would be more useful for yoyoing actually.

Small is about 4.5" x 6.5"
Large is about 6.5" x 9"
2.5-3" tall

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Oh they’re pretty cheeky. I’m sure it’s an intentional joke, and I love it. For a company that make mostly no-nonsense high-end stuff, it’s refreshing as well.

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They need to make a case like this that fits 12 yoyos. Been wanting something like that for years!

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Did you want it specifically made for yoyos? because there are plenty of pelican cases that work very well and keep everything protected way too much, as well as some DIYs that aren’t too labor- or cost-prohibitive. LMK if you want some links.

Isn’t there a risk of that metal stud hitting the yoyo in the middle row when closed on the x6 version?



And here I was expecting the feet glove socks to be similar to Injinji toe socks


Yeah, yoyo specific. Always wanted a nice, heirloom style case. I’ve had an idea in my head a long time and this is really, really close.

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I believe it’s a plastic button, and not sure if it will contact the yo-yos or not, but I can test it out tomorrow at the office.


Feet Gloves lmfao

HSpin not only made socks they used to ship yoyos in them!

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Yeah… That packaging lol. I think we still have a couple of those around the office somewhere!

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So in order to get a pair, you had to buy two yoyos? Excellent marketing technique!