New MOWL Hard Yo-Yo Case!


Mowl makes some amazing yo-yos and now they’re here to help you keep those yo-yos safe and by your side at all times! This is the new Mowl Hardcase!

The Mowl Hardcase is a hard sided yo-yo carrying case with cutouts to hold up to 6 yo-yos and enough accessories and string to keep you throwing. It a thick protective foam with 6 yo-yo cutouts, 2 parts/accessories cutouts, and also an inner zipper pouch for whatever else you might want to carry around.

The case is all black with the cool Mowl owl logo printed on the front for a really sleek look!


Isn’t this just the YYF hard case with the Mowl logo?? :joy:


yes but Mowl logo is so much cooler :heart_eyes: … no offense YYF

(Ethan Phelps) #4

What are the smaller yoyo areas for?

(Jacob Waugh) #5

Strings, bearings, axles, toilet paper… whatever you need them to be for.

(ClockMonsterLA) #6

Mighty Fleas!

(Ethan Phelps) #7

Ok lol


NO! Not even close! The YYF Case has a blue zipper…