new metal

I just got some money so i might be buying my first metal. I would like a undersized yoyo thats wieght is about 65-68. the ideal price would be 50-85. For coloring i would like a splash/drizzle. The company doesnt matter so suggest away :slight_smile:


Why? Back up your responses please.

What are some of your preferences? We’ll need to know that.

Because it’s an undersized metal, weighing 66 grams, costing $65, and is occasionally released in splash anod schemes.
If you read the first post, it lists the criteria.


What shape are you looking for Karma?

any fundametal. also a ministar. those are beast for $90 and they will be released soon. i got mine :).

P2 would also be good. i am selling mine for $50

I’ve Seen the Lunatic with the splash colors…actually looked really cool. I’ve never played with one but I hear they’re pretty good.

A lunatic was my first metal. So awesome. Also I played with a Chaotic but I like the Lunatic so much better. i would reccomend the CLYW Campfire…

its not splash but Dingo is a good choice

Lunatic. You can buy it in splash, and it’s undersized and a good player. I would get the large bearing version for less snagging. :wink: