New MagicYoyo at YoYoExpert - V3, N11, and CRYSTAL online now!


The V3 is MagicYoYo’s solution for a premium responsive model for beginners and modern responsive enthusiasts. For those that prefer the premium feel of metal over plastic, you’ll love the V3!

An excellent entry-level yoyo for players of any skill level, the V3 is a stable and well balanced model with a great feel in the hand and in play. It comes with a slim responsive bearing installed, but can easily be upgraded for unresponsive play with the included concave bearing as you progress in skill.


The MagicYoYo N11 is the ideal unresponsive model for new throwers or anyone looking for an affordable option for 1A play.

It features a rim heavy weight distribution and a long spinning concave bearing for plenty of power and stability to give you that extra edge while learning new tricks. The rounded profile feels comfortable in the hand and gives you a steady relaxed play experience. Available in some beautiful splash colors at an unbeatable price, this is a hard one to pass up!


The CRYSTAL was created as a cost effective high-performance injection molded yoyo that could stand up to modern trends. Cost effective and high performance are two things that don’t always go hand in hand, but MagicYoYo really got this one right!

The Crystal is a full sized plastic design that features a strong h-shape profile with chunky rims that provide ample spin power and stability. It holds spin through long combos and has a great presence on the string with plenty of maneuverabillity. It even has a fingerspin cup! A durable build at such an affordable price, the Crystal feels just right as an every day throw, entry level unresponsive, or your new competition model for the stage!


It is good to see MagicYoyo on here, they have been around a while now and I believe deserve to be sold on a major yoyo retailers website.


Wahoo! So good to see a value brand included here. My V3 is a good throw for knocking around.

Thanks, Jeff


MYY Stealth is one of my favorites.