New life for a really beat One Drop M1

Got this in a BST, I couldn’t see scrapping it. I had to shave off 1 gram of rim from each half on the lathe. Finished it up with 4 grades of sand paper and 3 buffing compounds. The final weight is 63 grams. Still a playable weight. Had to do some tuning but couldn’t get all the vibe out, a lot better than it was though. I will try to after I get new pads installed and a new axle.

And here’s the end result…

That’s a pretty drastic change! Good job, I love to see life breathed back into beat stuff

Very Nice.

One Question: how does one damage a yoyo that badly? lol

Looks like the original owner loves walking the dog.

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I’m not sure, I didn’t ask. I F’ed up a phone charger like that when it fell out of my car and the cord was still inside the car. Bouncy bouncy down the street.

You could probably remove most of the vibe if you re construct the bearing seat. I was interested in buying this one, but turned away when I saw pics of the bearing seat.

That’s what I was thinking, this guy must have been playing some sort of pre-hibernation yoyo sport or something (free internets if you get the reference without google)

I did some work on the seat just basically cleaned it up, It is better but needs a new axle for certain. Maybe still put it back on the lathe to do some fine tuning.