New Horizons


I was thinking it would be cool to see a 7075 (7068?) version of the Horizon, and/or a bimetal version!


better just redo and rename then. IMO


Horizon is already heavy and stable as it is, plus 7075 will ruin the grindability of the finish. Not sure about 7068 tho


Why? Certainly has been done with plenty of other throws, including many by YYF. Not talking about a total redesign, just tweeks for the new materials. Retain the cup, general shape and size…


It’s not that heavy. The Shutter is a tad heavier. The Shu-ta is less than a gram heavier than the Shutter, so I don’t see how that’s a valid argument against it. I was unaware that 7075 ruined “grindability”.

It was just a thought. I guess I’ll just go sit in a corner and cry now… ;D


7068 will be interesting and I would very much like to see a comparison between 6061 and 7068 versions of the same nodel. 7075 most definitely does not have as good a finish as 6061 would. I personally thought the Horizon was heavy enough, but that’s cuz I’m picky with my weights.


You can’t blast 7075? (real question lol)

They’ve done this with other models, I don’t see the problem tbh


You’re wrong on 7075 (Ergal), is more difficult to be anodized not blasting


Yea but the blasts aren’t as grindable as 6061 are they? I remember my Format: C sucked at grinds despite OD’s usual pyramatte finish. I’m pretty sure I heard the same elsewhere.


It’s because Pyramatte is not a blast, it’s just tumbled.


Wait, like a rock tumbler?


Alright, my bad


How much Wrong imformation are you going to pour into this thread before you’re happy?

I have read to the bottom of this thread and have yet to read anything from you that is valid😳

Any thoughts?




If that’s true, that is the most awesome thing I’ve seen all day. Then again I’ve been studying for human A&P tests all day so it doesn’t take much… ;D


Sorry about that! I made a mistake, I wasn’t aware of how wrong I was


I smell an argument on the HORIZON ;D ahhhh terrible jokes :slight_smile:

Not a massive fan of the horizon so not much to comment there…


I was under the same impression that 7075 would have a reduced grindability.
It is a denser alloy making the blast used for a 6061 alloy not as effective on it.
To make it grind as well as 6061 one would require a coarser medium.
Or so i thought
Can anybody refute this logic?
P.S.-yoyodoc why dont you chill a bit?people make mistakes…no need to go all optimus prime on them


This HS review of the Top Deck, does discuss this issue, and favors 6061 for grinds. However, the reviewer never says he’s wishes it had just been made out of 6061. He says it still is decent at grinds, and he loves the other characteristics, afforded in part by the use of 7075.

As is so often (always?) the case, there is a tradeoff. Or, perhaps this is just a problem to solve in general?

The Horizon is a unique yoyo, with unique characteristics. I just thought it would be interesting to see how alternative materials might push that envelope even further. Perhaps, it’s already been prototyped and dismissed by YYF…


The horizon doesn’t really need to be made out of some sort of new metal. It’s already damn heavy in play and doesn’t need to be any heavier.

I’d rather see YYF work on something new than just rehash the horizon