New Guy Here, Hey


Hey Everyone,
I just wanted to say Hi, because i just registered and all that.
But, ive been learning tricks from Andre’s Videos on this website since x-mas.
I just started YoYo’ing since X-mas when i got my YYJ Speeder.
Im almost on advanced 2 , im pretty much noob but i havent been going that long.

New Guy,
Cole ;D


Welcome. We started around the same time and you’re already ahead of me.


lol, well right now im trying to learn Kwijibo, you?


welcome Cole you should have fun here at yoyoexpert. I’m working on Plan D and Kamikaze.


Thanks yoyoman, and wow, those tricks seem tough, to bad i dont know what they are, Cole is a noob :smiley:


check this trick out.


Pretty Sick Trick !
Im having trouble with the Kwijibo still…
I think im just not getting something when you pop it up in the beginning and crossing your arms … mine just turns out to a reverse trapeze, not what he has >:O


wijibo is a hard trick, I can’t still do it every time. and i’ve also gotten reverse trapeze with Kwijibo.


Yea, i think its something with the right hand, im having troubles and its making me crazy :stuck_out_tongue:
it normally doesnt take me this long to learn a trick :frowning:


ahh, this video might help me
haha, it feels kinda goofy learning from people younger than you :open_mouth:


I’ve been skipping from tricks to tricks because all my yo-yo are unresponsive. Right now I’m trying to perfect my Trapeze.


Nice, my only yoyo is unresponsive also, i think i might be onto something with this
Kwijibo tough :slight_smile: its a tough one!!
(edit: Got the beginning wooo)

(Mikey) #13

hey im a noob and i cant trapeze >:(


[quote] hey im a noob and i cant trapeze
don’t worry man. everyone starts there. i have a lot of respect for that trick. is one of the most basic tricks but its used in almost every trick there is. trapeze is like the father of all string tricks. but once you get it down its like a gate way trick. it leads you down the road to become a yoyo player. you will get it every one who try’s dose. later.

keep it spinning